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“Smoke on the Mountain” is a Must See

by Don Martin ~ November 3rd, 2010

The Tater Patch Players will bring “Smoke on the Mountain” back to the Chamber Stage Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights and Sunday afternoon.  Your mission, whether or not you accept it, is to go see and hear this classic performance.


"Smoke on the Mountain" This Weekend

Bob Countryman’s set bring yous right inside the “Church in the Wildwood” and Marcia Wright has directed the talented crew so that you soon become part of the congregation.  The cast is rock solid and they deliver both visually and aurally.  If you you’ve ever been to a country singing then you’ll be transported back there in your mind; if you haven’t, then you are in for a treat.  Not only is the music spot on, but the background activities of the non-singers will keep you in stitches.  At some points, the juxtaposition between the beautiful singing and playing and the side stage antics is almost painfully funny.    Don’t miss this opportunity to support what I am certain is the best “little theater’ in North Georgia.

You can get additional information on the Tater Patch Players and order your tickets on line at :

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