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Georgia Business and Housing Expo

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Last Friday and Saturday Governor Purdue and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs sponsored Business and Housing Expos at 6 locations across the state.  The purpose of the expositions was to inform citizens, non-profit organizations and state and local government agencies about programs available in Georgia that might be leveraged to gain the state and our communities a faster, stronger economic recovery.


I attended the northernmost expo on Saturday which was located at the Coosa Valley Technical College in Calhoun.  I was interested in finding out what was available both in my role as a Realtor ® with clients who might find the programs useful and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Chamber’s Business Council.  I found the trip worthwhile on many levels and I will be writing short articles over the next few days providing information on the new programs that I found or providing new information on existing programs.


Our hosts at Coosa Valley Technical College were gracious and helpful, but I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between their facility and our Appalachian Technical College (soon to be the Jasper campus of Chattahoochee Technical College).   Actually, there are no good comparisons as our Appalachian Tech campus is years ahead of its Calhoun counterpart and the new combined Chattahoochee Tech looks to become the strongest school in the entire state network of Technical Colleges.  Just another great reason to be  excited about the great place we live!


The articles from the conference will start tomorrow with the Georgia Weatherization Assistance Program.


See you ‘round the mountains,