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“Play On!” is a Laugh Riot at the Tater Patch Theater!

Monday, June 16th, 2014


Play On at Tatter Patch Players

“Play On” Runs one More Week at the Tater Patch Theater in Jasper


After church and a nice lunch on Father’s Day,  we polished off the afternoon by laughing ourselves silly at the Tater Patch Players production of “Play On!”  If  you don’t have a sense of humor, or your doctor has warned you not to belly laugh, chortle or stifle an urge to run up on stage and participate,  then by all means stay at home.   However, if none of those of three conditions apply, then grab 5 or 6 of your closest friends and head on down to the Tater Patch Theater next Friday & Saturday night!  (95 Philadelphia Lane – up behind Walmart.)  Shows start at 7:30 pm both nights and tickets are available in advance  at  or at the stage door – if you’re feeling lucky!

“Play On!” is a play within a play and if you have ever been in even one high school, college, community, or even professional production,  you will wonder whether or not the author was there with you looking over your shoulder.  If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, then you will get a particularly insightful view of how the theater works and how even the most serious subject can set off howls of laughter if you have the wrong vision in your mind or the wrong words on your tongue.  “Play On!”  cleverly written, artifully directed by Alex Nawrocki and playfully presented by a cast of thoroughly delightful local “professionals.”   Special Note to the cast:  I knwo from experience that learning lines once in a single context is a challenge – learning them right, wrong and muddled in several scenes over 3 acts in an incredible accomplsihment! Great Job!

So in summary: five weeks out of surgery, I laughed til my stitches hurt – and it was worth it!

So plan ahead – make dinner reservations locally for Friday or Saturday, have a drink or too and then work it off with laughter – you’ll love it!

See you ’round the mountains,



Don’t Miss “Lend Me A Tenor”

Saturday, May 18th, 2013
Tater Patch's Lend Me A Tenor

Tater Patch Players Presents Lend Me a Tenor

Sorry for the late notice, but my schedule didn’t permit us to get to the Tater Patch Player’s rollicking presentation of Lend Me a Tenor until last night and now you need to re-arrange your schedule so you can go see it tonight. The entire ensemble cast is outstanding and works together beautifully. For you long time Tater Patch Fans – a warm welcome back to Jan Simpson after a 10 year absence.

If you don’t recall the story line – a world famous opera virtuoso, Tito Merelli ( tour de force presentation by Alex Nawrocki) runs into a few problems during a one night stand in 1934 in Cleveland (famous for bringing us the scale – and not much else.) In one afternoon and evening lovers quarrel and make up, there is tragic illness and death ( well not quite), sultry trysts (well not quite), mistaken identities (lots of them) and great lines.

You deserve a break tonight, so grab the wife / husband or significant other ( not both please – there is enough of that on stage) and get yourself out to a local restaurant for dinner and then to theater. Curtain Rises at 7:30 and there are still seats available. For more information: Tater Patch Players

See ya ’round the mountains,

“Grace & Glorie” is Graceful & Glorious!

Friday, March 8th, 2013
Grace and Glorie at the Tater Patch Theater in Jasper

May be the Best Play You’ve Never Heard Of!

Alex Nawrocki, Veteran Tater Patch Actor, makes his directorial debut with this 1997 play by Tom Ziegler. Alex has done an outstanding job of setting the stage and preparing the actors, but the real story here is the striking performance by two new Tater Patch actors. Pat Northcutt, as Grace, and Deb Heimler, as Glorie, delivered a stunning tour de force that was spell binding from the first curtain to the fading lights of the last. I have done a little work on stage myself and watching these two carry over two hours of dialogue that never lagged or wanted in any way was an amazing education in itself.

Ziegler’s story line takes two women from different times and places and forces them to deal with the implications of life & death and each other producing scenes that are alternately knee slapping funny and where’s my hanky touching. Grace is a 90 year old from rural Virginia who is just trying to get through her last few days before going home to meet her Maker and Glorie is a young, former professional now socialite, hospice volunteer expecting to make those last few days as easy as possible. Neither gets exactly what they were expecting, both gain from the interaction and the audience is treated to a delightful and insightful evening.

Tonight was opening night and it will run for three weekends. If you are reading this and you live within driving distance, go to the Tater Patch Players Web site, order your tickets and get yourself down to the theater. You don’t want to miss this one.

Consider making a date night out of it; we have great restaurants like The Woodbridge Inn, or 61 Main. You can be at dinner at 6 in either one and be in your seats well before the curtain.

We are extremely fortunate to have an outstanding local theater group like the Tater Patch Players, call your friends and spread the word for the next 3 weekends the place to be is in your seats at “Grace & Glorie.”

See ya ’round the mountains,

Van Gogh Comes to Jasper

Thursday, September 6th, 2012
Vincent van Gogh comes to Jasper

World Famous Artist “Almost Live” on Stage in Jasper

The Tater Patch Players will bring the Blue Ridge Community Theater production of Leonard Nimoy’s VINCENT to Jasper September 14th through the 16th.   You won’t want to miss this great performance.  Tickets and additional information at Tater Patch Players.

See ya ’round the mountains,


“Old Blue Eyes” is Back

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

And his name is Gabe Russo.

Last night at the Tater Patch Theater in Jasper, GA an enchanted crowd watched as Gabe Russo “channeled” Frank Sinatra.  The theater has been re-set as a night club – including 3 premium tables on stage –  and Gabe brought  classy renditions of over 20 Sinatra favorites.  Sprinkled between the songs was Sinatra like banter and a brief history of Frank woven cleverly into the sequence of the songs.  If you are a Sinatra fan or just want a great night out and you live anywhere within driving distance of Jasper, you owe it to yourself to grab some friends and come on over.   The Players have theater seats as well as tables for 2 and 4 and they even have “actors’ providing table service for beverages (yes even adult beverages) and deserts.  It was a great night and I have already suggested to the powers that be that they book Frank – er.. uh.. Gabe – back next year.

Tickets for Sunday August 5th and Friday and Saturday night  the 10th and 11th may still be available – please check the Tater Patch Players website.

Don’t trust me? Here is a link to Gabe in a live performance in 2009.

Gabe Russo Channels Frank Sinatra

See ya ’round the mountains,