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Georgia Marble Festival

by Don Martin ~ October 10th, 2008

Last weekend the North Georgia Marble Festival returned to Jasper for the 28th time and it was quite a show.  If you missed it this year, you need to put it on your calendar for next year.  It is normally the first weekend in October.

The Festival is centered in Lee Newton Park just west of downtown Jasper, but related events are held for days before and all over the Pickens County area.  Just prior to the official opening the annual Marble Festival Parade filled Main Street for about an hour.  This year a motorcycle ride (Rumble in the Mountains) actually began in the parade!  The week before there a beauty pageant recognizing a bevy of beauties from the cradle right up Ms Georgia Marble.   Early Saturday morning there was 10K Road Race and a 1 mile Fun Run.  The Pickens County Citizen of the Year was recognized during the parade.  Friday night there was Fine Arts reception – By Invitation Only and always a great evening.  (Make a donation to the Marble Festival Fine Arts and you too can get one of those invitations!)

During the day on Saturday and Sunday there were Tours of the Marble Mines, Plants and historical sites. This is only time you get in most of these sites; if you haven’t gone before you need to make a reservation and take the 2 hour tour next year.  (Unlike Gilligan’s3 Hour Tour, we normally get all our patrons back safely to the Festival in around 2 hours.)   There is huge Children’s Play area with special rides and activities just for the kids.  This year we over 75 arts and crafts vendors and more food vendors than any one family could visit in a week.  There was everything from fried okra to Italian ice and hundreds of options in between.  The Fine Arts display was located in the Chamber Building and is open to the public during the festival.  There were a variety of styles and media including, of course, marble. 

There was also a Business Expo and your intrepid blogger ( Life In North Georgia ) participated as part of our brokerage team from Torrey Mountain Properties, Inc.  The Expo had 40 exhibitors and the tent was crowded most of the time on both Saturday and Sunday.  Torrey Mountain Properties, Inc. gave away two $50 Gift Certificates to the Woodbridge Inn and the winners were:  Frances Richard and Alison Kindred.  Congratulations to both winners!  I produced a short video about the  Marble Festival.  You can see it below. 


Early attendance figures had the total over 10,000 visitors and everyone I spoke to had a great time, you should plan to attend next year!

Take care,


20 Responses to Georgia Marble Festival

  1. Patti Chandler

    Can I sign up for the Marble Fest for 2009? I am a vendor of all natural lotions, soap, body sprays, eye pillows, and homemade childrens clothing.

    Please advise

  2. Don Martin

    HI Patti,

    The Pickens County Chamber of Commerce manages the Marble Festival. Registration for Vendors is currently underway.

    Allison Ballew is the Chamber point of contact. You can reach her at 706-692-5600 or

    We’ll look forward to seeing you in the fall!

  3. Alice Bradley

    I found an item (Clown) that had the marking of Georgia Marble, Limited edition No 130/3000. I thought the Georgia Marble only made marble for building and homes, not item of this sort.

    Can you write back and tell me about this clown.

  4. Alice Bradley

    I found a clown that had the inscription of Georgia Marble no 130/3000. I thougt Georgia Marble made things for building and homes. Can anyone write back and tell me about this clown at
    Thank you, Alice

  5. Don Martin

    Hi Alice,

    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Your post got caught up in the Spam Filter. If you want to email me a picture or the item, I will check with the Marble Valley Friends and see if they can identify it. I know that at times in the past the employees of GA Marble have made and sold items made from Marble as part of Crafts Guild, but a 3000 run sounds a little high for that.

  6. Paul Armbruster

    I would like information about the Georgia Marble Fest. I do very unique pottery.
    Paul Armbruster
    Earth, Hands,and Fire Pottery inc.

  7. Sally Sandine

    Hello –

    I found a small lab figurine that says Limited Edition Georgia Marble on it. Can you give me any information about it and where it may have come from?

    Thank you –


  8. Don Martin

    Hi Sally,

    For many years the employees of Georgia Marble had a small guild that made and sold small items. It is possible that your item is from that group. I checked with new owners of Georgia Marble (Polycor) and they indicated that the guild no longer exists, so I can’t verify that theory.

    There are also dozens of persons who live in North Georgia, who work in marble and sell those items locally and at craft fairs everywhere. One of the best known local sources was Joe Ruffert the long time owner and proprietor of the Woodbridge Inn in Jasper. Joe made vases, wine coolers, and small sculptures; but, I don’t ever remember seeing a small lab in his restaurant display area. It is possible that whomever, made it was just identifying that the product was made from marble mined in Georgia.

    Hope that helps.

    Come Visit the Georgia Marble Festival, held annually during the first weekend in October.

    Take care,

  9. Sally Sandine

    Thank you, Don…appreciate you checking into it!

  10. Don Martin

    Hi Paul,

    I forwarded your request to the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce, the sponsor of the festival. Did they get back in contact with you?

  11. Regina Tanner

    I have 2 school buses with the markings of Limited Edition Georgia Marble No. 855/3000 and No. 1005/3000. Can you tell me anything about these?
    Thanks, Regina

  12. Don Martin

    Hi Regina,

    They are probably product of the old employee craft program. At one time the employees of the company made similar products with “scrap” marble and sold them. There were also products made specifically to be sold at the Georgia Marble Festival. If you want to send me a picture of one, I will check with the Marble Valley Historical Society and see if anyone recognizes the product.

    Take care,

  13. Crystal Wyers

    In 2008 I purchased a wonderful ornament at the Marble Festival. It was numbered 155/3000 “Made in USA” and Georgia Marble. It says “Bama Girl”–my daughter broke it accidentally the other day and I would like to try to replace it because it has some sentimental significance attached to it. Could you possibly give me any information? Thank you so much.


  14. Don Martin

    Hi Crystal,

    It sounds like something make specifically for that year at the Marble Festival. I will check with the Chamber and the Marble Valley Friends and see if either can shed any further light.

  15. Jeanene

    have school bus no 01633.000 limited edition GA marble. Bus can u tell me more about this and what it is worth

  16. Jeanene

    have school bus no 01633.000 limited edition GA marble. Bus can u tell me more about this and what it is worth I gave wrong no
    On the bus the no is 02633.000

  17. Don Martin

    Hi Jeanene,

    Souvenir products similar to those have been sold at the Georgia Marble Festival for many years. Depending on the size they tended to vary between $5 and $20.

  18. Gary Greene

    I have a figurine of Sequoyah limited edtion 399 of 3000. I saw one another page they want to sell one for $225.00 ?

  19. Mike Kilbarger

    I have a small statue of a nurse with “LIMITED EDITION GEORGA MARBLE NO 73 OF 3000″ stamped on the bottom. It stands about 5 inches tall. Can you tell me more about it?

  20. Don Martin


    Sorry for the delay in responding your post got caught in one of the filters. The employees at Georgia Marble had (may still have) an Artisan’s Guild. They created plaques and other small items and sold them at the company and at the Georgia Marble Festival each year as fund raisers. Unfortunately, no one kept track of exactly what was produced and when; but it would appear that the item you have came from that source.