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Give Your Mother A Great Gift This Year

by Don Martin ~ April 20th, 2012

Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy

Each month the Ferst Foundation ships over 1100 books to children here in Pickens County. These books are paid for entirely by the fund raising efforts of the Pickens County Ferst Action Team and the generosity of your friends and neighbors. Consider for just a moment that nationwide:

61 percent of low-income families don’t have a single book in the home suitable for a child.

71% of Georgia 4th graders do not read on grade level

Parents are four times more likely to read aloud to their children when given free books and encouragement

This program develops the habit of parent and child interaction that continues throughout the educational career of the child.

This year you could give your Mother a gift that will delight her and will help make your community a stronger, better, safer place to live. Please consider contacting the Ferst Foundation and making this year’s Mother Day a very special one for you, your Mother and your whole community.

Visit the Ferst Foundation Mother’s Day Offer for Complete Details: Ferst Mother’ Day Card

See ya ’round the mountains,

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