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“Old Blue Eyes” is Back

by Don Martin ~ August 4th, 2012

And his name is Gabe Russo.

Last night at the Tater Patch Theater in Jasper, GA an enchanted crowd watched as Gabe Russo “channeled” Frank Sinatra.  The theater has been re-set as a night club – including 3 premium tables on stage –  and Gabe brought  classy renditions of over 20 Sinatra favorites.  Sprinkled between the songs was Sinatra like banter and a brief history of Frank woven cleverly into the sequence of the songs.  If you are a Sinatra fan or just want a great night out and you live anywhere within driving distance of Jasper, you owe it to yourself to grab some friends and come on over.   The Players have theater seats as well as tables for 2 and 4 and they even have “actors’ providing table service for beverages (yes even adult beverages) and deserts.  It was a great night and I have already suggested to the powers that be that they book Frank – er.. uh.. Gabe – back next year.

Tickets for Sunday August 5th and Friday and Saturday night  the 10th and 11th may still be available – please check the Tater Patch Players website.

Don’t trust me? Here is a link to Gabe in a live performance in 2009.

Gabe Russo Channels Frank Sinatra

See ya ’round the mountains,



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